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        Do you want to:

Welcome, i'm ann finnie and I look forward to hearing from you

Welcome, i'm ann finnie and I look forward to hearing from you

  • Find the contentment that seems to elude you?

  • Create balance in your life?

  • Strengthen your boundaries?

  • Realize more effective relationships?

  • Heal from childhood trauma?

  • Disengage from toxic people or situations?

  • Ease grief from loss?


Have you tried lots of things, yet still feel stuck?
Do you want to start moving in the right direction?

You are not alone and I look forward to partnering with you on your journey of transformation, healing, and wholeness.

Blessings, Ann Finnie



Spiritual and Wellness Mentoring


Working together, we can work to identify and overcome your unique obstacles to meet your personal and spiritual goals. 

Energy Therapy


Relief from physical and emoitonal pain is not uncommon when receiving these gentle, non-invasive engergy therapy treatments.



Reflexology applies pressure to specific points on the feet to effect positive physical change of corresponding organs and glands. 


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My book, You Are Never Alone: Awaken to the Love and Support Around You is now available for purchase.

You can also access a free, sneak peek of the first chapter of the book here.

“Thank you so much for creating a safe place for me to have a profound healing experience! Your knowledge of classic counseling plus the energy work makes it wonderful!”

-Michelle Levangie-Gilmore, Sacred Space Healing Center