What About You?

Last column I shared that as always, this Lenten season has been for me a time to consider how I’m living in light of God’s presence and grace in my life; to reflect on my life as it is, and as it could be.

As we continue in what for me, is the holiest week of the calendar, I can’t help but reflect on the life and death of Jesus. As stated in “The Passion Week Experience” by Chad Balthrop, “No single individual has had more influence on the history of the world than Jesus Christ. For generations, His life and teaching have transformed individuals and communities. Our modern view of freedom, civil rights, generosity, compassion, and humility are the direct result of His influence.”

My personal reflection this Lenten season has nudged me to be more fully present in my day-to-day BEing; more aware of how I invest my time, energy, and gifts, and more aligned with principles and ways of living and being in the world that Jesus modeled.

In these next few days, as Holy Week progresses, I hope those of you who already believe or are curious about this man who has influenced so many, will take time to really learn about or remember the events of His last days in physical form: his sorrow, his last meal shared with friends, his betrayal and abandonment by those friends, and the agony of his crucifixion, and the tomb. Without understanding his life, we can’t fully appreciate or experience the gift and the joy of the empty tomb, of resurrection.

May we find hope in the joy of resurrection, and/or simply in the rebirth and renewal that comes in nature as we move into Spring. My prayer is that we as individuals, as families, as communities, as nations, and as children of the infinite intelligence, by whatever name we might call it, may find hope, and wisdom, and peace.

What about you? Can you believe that you are empowered by the presence of a higher power (than our own) to live a changed life?  Can you believe that you have the power of the creator of all that is, in you, enabling you to live your best life, now? What now? In the words of the Avery and Marsh song,   “Ev’ry morning is Easter morning from now on! Ev’ry day’s a resurrection day, the past is over and gone! I am one of the Easter people. My new life has begun.”  What now? My hope for you is that you are empowered to be the best YOU you can be!